Print and Go Packs:
  • Straight to the Core

    Teachers have no time! That's why we keep our Print and Go straight to the SEL core topics.
  • Resources

    All the Print and Go Packs include resources for your classroom and for you as a teacher.
  • For Everyone

    Digital or paper? Access your Print and Go Pack on every device, or print it off and take it with you!
  • Theme-based

    Pick your theme for a deep-dive into your preferred SEL topic.

What's inside a Print and Go Pack?

Click on the arrow to flip through some sample pages from two of the Seltrove Print and Go Packs.

How do I get my Print and Go Pack?


Choose your preferred Print and Go Pack(s) between dozens of SEL topics.


Download your Print and Go Pack with one simple click, and it's forever yours!


Print it out for the best experience. Fill in the reflection pages, jot your notes down and use the activities in your classroom.'re ready for SEL!


A closer look

Space for Practice
The Print and Go Packs provide lots of opportunities for practice. We believe in active learning, that's why you will find pages to practice the new concepts.
We include real-classroom examples in every Print and Go Pakc. Plus case studies with SEL resolutions.
We include a number of SEL resources for yourself as a teacher and for your students.

Browse by theme

We divided the Print and Go Packs in 5 main themes:

SEL Foundations




How can we help you?

01. What's in it?

Each Print and Go Pack includes a PDF file with:
  • Teacher Best Practices
  • Resources for you and your classroom
  • Practice Pages
  • Reflection Sections
  • A Completion Certificate

02. How many resources are included?

The number of resources included can vary from 4 to 6 depending on the Print and Go Pack you choose.

03. How long is each Print and Go Pack?

Each Print and Go Pack is composed of 24 to 28 pages, depending on the topics you choose.