SEL Kits

Ready-to-Use SEL lessons and activities on the topics that are most important for your students!

What is a Kit?
A kit is aready-to-use set of SEL lessons you can print and use with your students. No teacher preparation is needed! Simply log in, print, and use in your classroom.

Kits include:

  • 16+ printable activities for your students
  • Teacher Tips for each lesson
  • An introduction PowerPoint to use with your students
  • Teacher videos to deepen your knowledge

PLUS all the student printables are available in English & Spanish!

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Main Features of the Kits

 Includes printable activities
Easy to use printables for your students.

Available in English and Spanish
Inclusivity is key. Find both languages for each printable and print the ones you need.

Ready to Use
Ready to use activities that require no teacher preparation.

Powerpoint slides
Ready to use in your classroom to introduce and expand on the topic.

Video lessons

Videos that provide an overview and further exploration the topic .

Teacher Tips
Teacher Tips included for each activity.


Find all the topics below

Growth Mindset
Emotional Management
Anti-bullying & Responsibility


Emotional Management

Focus on teaching emotional management to your students including identifying complex emotions and creating an emotional management toolkit.