Frequently Asked Questions

Who should subscribe to these workshops?

Teachers, counselors, and other faculty who are working with students will find these workshops useful. All workshop bundles include printable resources to use with your students, case studies with real classroom examples, and best practices for building your own SEL skills in each of the CASEL competencies. Administrators may find these workshops helpful so they are on the same page as their teachers, and to use on school professional development days.

What are the differences between elementary and middle & high school?

The elementary school version workshops are designed for preschool - 5th grade teachers, school leaders, and paraprofessionals. These workshops focus on early childhood & elementary learning experiences and best practices.

The middle and high school version is designed for educators who work with 6th - 12th grade students. These workshops focus on adolescence, the leap in brain development in the pre-teen years, and best practices for middle and high school teachers.

Can I subscribe a group of teachers to one workshop?

Yes! You may either do this by subscribing all your teachers at your school in the same workshop bundle (see our school pricing information above) or by subscribing a small group of teachers to workshops using a purchase order or directly enrolling them by going to the individual workshop bundle page. Have questions? Contact us and we can help you out!