Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Student Planner Grades 3-5

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This SEL planner is for 3rd-5th grade students. It supports their social, emotional, and mental development by focusing on CASEL competencies with relevant examplesand precise lessons to support their SEL skills development.


Take a look at the features of this grade 3-5 SEL workbook:

Flip through the grade 3-5 sample below for more examples



This SEL planner is tailored to the needs of kindergarten to 3rd-grade to 5th grade students, providing a playful approach to developing social and emotional learning skills. It is perfect for teachers and students with hectic schedules, requiring no extra effort from educators.


Let’s look at an example from page 56 titled Knowing Where You Stand.

In 3rd grade, students often feel judged by others. With the help of this planner page, they can be encouraged to be courageous. They can explain how each dilemma was handled, but may find it difficult to do so in real life. By 4th grade, students can discuss why each decision was good/poor and give concrete examples of how to be an upstander. In 5th grade, they can now assess each dilemma, provide an example of when they were an upstander and how to apply their insights to their daily life.
Notice that while the lessons are basic -- be an upstander -- the actual concept and applying this is difficult and takes practice. It is natural for students to feel uncomfortable standing up to their friends since they want to fit in and be liked by their peers. When lessons are repeated and students continue to practice this skill, they gain confidence and are able to apply it. Students are now ready to move on to the middle school Seltrove student planners!



Frequently asked questions:


Why is this SEL planner for 3 different grade levels? Won't my students get bored doing it 3 years in a row?

Third-fifth grade is a pivotal stage academically and socially. This SEL planner dives deeper than K-2's, need repeating for full development. Students may see just flaws, pick friends based on personality and start cliques/bullying. Repeating lessons helps them graduate and use SEL in life. The planner is scaffolded but repetition is encouraged.

Do you have special prices for districts or school-wide orders?

 Yes, we do! Please connect with us and we will be happy to offer a special price for quantities of 100 and above.

Do you accept purchase orders?

 Yes, we do! Please email your purchase order and we will process once we are ready to ship.

Can I customize the planner for my school or district?

 Yes! Just send an Email to with the grade level(s) you would like to customize.

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