9781954760677, Building Confidence & Identity (Elementary school teacher version)

Building Confidence & Identity (Elementary school teacher version)

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Does your classroom struggle with students acting out for attention? Are they affected by peer pressure? Does their self-esteem need a boost?


Overview: Explore ways to teach students about identity, gaining confidence, and understanding their personal strengths. This workshop empowers teachers to support their students as they teach confidence-building and identify-affirming to their elementary school students. This workshop includes printable resources, explanatory videos, and opportunities to share with other teachers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand tools to be identify-affirming as a teacher
  • Learn strategies to build your students' confidence
  • Explore new ways to engage your students
  • Collaborate and share with other teachers


  • Certificate of completion for 2 hours of learning to be used for teacher re-licensure or professional development hours (based on your state and country requirements)
  • Teaching tools for teaching grades Kindergarten - 5th grade
  • Authentic classroom case studies and explanatory videos
  • Printable resources for teachers to use in their planning process Interactive questions to check for understanding

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