9781954760899, Building Confidence & Identity (Middle & High school teacher version)

Building Confidence & Identity (Middle & High school teacher version)

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Do your students act out to get attention? Are they easily influenced by peer pressure? Do they lack confidence in who they are and what they stand for? This workshop gives teachers the tools they need to help build confidence in their students, resist negative peer pressure, and give them pride in who they are!


Overview: Explore ways to teach students about identity, gaining confidence, and understanding their personal strengths. This workshop empowers teachers to support their students as they teach confidence-building and identify-affirming to their elementary school students. This workshop includes printable resources, explanatory videos, and opportunities to share with other teachers.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand tools to be identify-affirming as a teacher
  • Learn strategies to build your students' confidence
  • Explore new ways to engage your students
  • Collaborate and share with other teachers


  • Certificate of completion for 2 hours of learning to be used for teacher re-licensure or professional development hours (based on your state and country requirements)
  • Teaching tools for teaching grades Kindergarten - 5th grade
  • Authentic classroom case studies and explanatory videos
  • Printable resources for teachers to use in their planning process Interactive questions to check for understanding

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