Complex Social Situations & Solutions (Middle & High school teacher version)

Complex Social Situations & Solutions (Middle & High school teacher version)

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Things happen and students end up in sticky situations. Learn how to support your students through complicated situations with this teacher workshop. Focus on creating healthy habits for your students and building better decision-making skills through case studies and printables.


Overview: Explore tools to help students navigate complex social situations and support them in finding healthy solutions that are respectful to themselves and others. This workshop includes conflict resolution strategies to use with your students as well as case studies to practice what you are learning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand boundaries and consent
  • Learn strategies for mitigating bullying and negative peer pressure
  • Explore conflict resolution tools for your middle & high school students
  • Create tools for your students to equip them to cope with complex social situations



  • Certificate of completion for 2 hours of learning to be used for teacher re-licensure or professional development hours (based on your state and country requirements)
  • Teaching tools for teaching grades 6th grade - 12th grade
  • Printable resources for teachers to use in their classroom

Interactive questions to check for understanding

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