Empathy Elementary Kit

Empathy Elementary Kit

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If your students could build better empathy skills, how would your classroom change? Would it be more collaborative? More peaceful? More productive? If you want to teach empathy to your students, this package is right for you. It's filled with 16 printables designed to build empathy skills.

Overview: Focus on building empathy in your elementary school students by using these 16 printable worksheets. Core skills that build empathy in this teacher package include healthy relationship building, conflict resolution, inclusivity, perspective-taking, empathetic listening, and mindfulness practices.

Student Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the definition of empathy and how to show it
  • Learn how to be an empathetic listener
  • Explore ways you can be more empathetic
  • Practice the skills the build empathy.


  • No teacher preparation is required.
  • PowerPoint presentation is included to introduce the topic to your students.
  • 16+ printables to use with your students to build empathy.
  • Digital and asynchronous.
  • Appropriate for elementary school students.
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