9781954760806, Empathy, Respect, and Healthy Relationships (Elementary school teacher version)

Empathy, Respect, and Healthy Relationships (Elementary school teacher version)

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We all want our students to show empathy, but how do we teach this immensely important topic? And how do we actually build empathy in our students? Learn practical ideas and tools to build empathy and respect in your students with this interactive workshop.


Overview: Learn how to teach empathy, respect, and healthy relationships by creating a classroom that values trust and collaboration. Find best practices for teaching these skills to your students.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand healthy and unhealthy relationships in and out of the classroom your students may be experiencing
  • Learn strategies for teaching your students about healthy relationships
  • Explore case studies to navigate relationship issues your students may be having
  • Create and collaborate with other teachers on relationship-building lessons



  • Certificate of completion for 2 hours of learning to be used for teacher re-licensure or professional development hours (based on your state and country requirements)
  • Teaching tools for teaching grades Kindergarten - 5th grade
  • Printable resources for teachers to use in their classroom
  • Interactive questions to check for understanding

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