9781734683370, Racial Equity (Middle & High school teacher version)

Racial Equity (Middle & High school teacher version)

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Race. It can be a difficult topic to talk about, but when we see research that shows racial gaps in education, it's important to learn more. This workshop guides teachers through specific racial inequities and ways teachers can interrupt this cycle.


Overview: Cultivate a more inclusive classroom based on racial equity by learning strategies for setting up your classroom, selecting your curriculum, and gaining trust from your students. Learn best practices and teacher biases to gain a new perspective on racial equity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand biases, the hidden curriculum, and equity
  • Learn how to become an anti-racist teacher
  • Explore how to handle tough issues that may come up in class
  • Create a racial equality teaching philosophy



  • Certificate of completion for 2 hours of learning to be used for teacher re-licensure or professional development hours (based on your state and country requirements)
  • Teaching tools for teaching grades 6th grade - 12th grade
  • Authentic classroom case studies and explanatory videos
  • Printable resources for teachers to use in their classroom
  • Interactive questions to check for understanding

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