A Wellbeing Journey Workbook for Grade 3

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Teachers and students are struggling.

 Seltrove provides solutions for teachers that doesn't give them extra work and stress. And gives students opportunities to create meaningful connections between their wellbeing and real life. A Wellbeing Journey is an easy way for your students to build 21st-century skills through engaging activities and projects.

This wellbeing workbook is written specifically for 3rd-grade students to give them an opportunity to learn more about their own emotional wellbeing, how to manage intense emotions, create healthy relationships, and practice making responsible and respectful decisions.

This activity book includes
- 48 short activities that require little to no teacher preparation
- 3 longer-term projects (lasting 2-4 weeks in length)
- 25 short discussion questions
- 5 self-assessment worksheets for your students to assess their wellbeing skills

The activities are engaging and easy to use with your 3rd graders and help them build skills in social and emotional wellbeing, including self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision-making.

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